Finnish sauna

The Finnish traditional sauna is the “ancestor” of all saunas, as we have known it for more than a thousand years. The Finnish sauna is a wooden room in which the air temperature ranges between 40° C on the floor and 80° C under the ceiling. The air in the room is very dry – the relative humidity does not exceed 15%. In the Finnish sauna, there is a stove in which the stones are heated and water enriched with essential oil can be poured. With the latter, we create a hot steam wave, which additionally warms the room and accelerates body sweating.

There are many positive effects of the Finnish sauna, one of which is:

  • accelerated muscle renewal and relaxation,
  • strengthening of the cardiovascular system,
  • removal of skin diseases,
  • cellulite prevention and
  • stress relief.

Price list

Price list is valid from 1.9.2011, 22% VAT is included.

single visit (2 hours)15.00 EUR
separate sauna reservation10.00 EUR
towel rental2.00 EUR