Since 1999, BIT CENTER offers 12 quality badminton courts, suitable for recreational and professional players.

Our badminton hall is the only one in Ljubljana that also offers underfloor heating in winter. With us you can rent a playground for the winter season or for the whole year.

Did you know?

Badminton is, right after running, the most effective training to strengthen the heart. It is enough to play it twice a week for one hour.

Badminton balls are made largely from goose feathers, sorted according to the left or right side of the wings. The best balls are made from the feathers on the left side of the wings.

A badminton ball can fly over 300 km / h. The fastest shot in doubles reached 332km / h (Fu Haifeng, China). The world record of individuals reached 306 km / h (Taufik Hidayat, Indonesia).

Badminton is a game of quick changes of position, so it is especially important to use the right footwear that protects and strengthens the foot, has a reinforced side and a cushioning sole.

Price list

Price list is valid from 01.04.2023, includes 22% VAT.

7h - 16h 10.50 EUR
16h - 22h 13.00 EUR
7h - 16h 12.00 EUR
16h - 22h 16.00 EUR
7h - 15h 10,00 EUR

For more information you can call +386 (0) 1 548 00 55.

Season tickets for badminton

SEASON lasts from 01.09.2024 until 31.05.2025Price
7h - 16h and 22h - 23h400.00 EUR
16h - 19h and 21h - 22h530.00 EUR
19h - 21h550.00 EUR
Yearly ticket (1.9.2024 - 31.8.2025) 650.00 EUR

* Holders of seasonal and annual tickets have a 50% discount on the sauna.

** The price of a season ticket varies proportionally, depending on how many seasons are left until the end.

The season ticket price includes use of the playground for one selected hour per week and provides a membership discount when using any additional hours. When buying a season ticket (Monday to Friday between 7 am and 3 pm) we offer 30% discount for retirees and students . We only accept cash payments.


7.00 - 16.00, 22.00 - 23.00

16.00 - 22.00

10 hours

115.00 EUR

10 hours

150.00 EUR

20 hours

220.00 EUR

20 hours

290.00 EUR

30 hours

310.00 EUR

30 hours

420.00 EUR

* – badminton 1 h. For students and retirees, we offer a 30% discount on the purchase of a season ticket from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 3 pm. For companies, sp, legal entities, prices are higher. Please contact the reception for more information.

Badminton school

Badminton club BIT is also organizing a badminton school for children of all ages this season. The exercise will be led by professionally trained trainers who, in addition to badminton skills, will also take care of all-round physical and mental development. Let us emphasize that we are the most favorable and at the same time the most successful badminton school in Ljubljana, as we are the current multiple national team champions in the youth categories!

Training for beginners takes place from 1.9.2015 (we enter the entire season) in the BIT hall at Litijska 57 (Štepanjsko naselje) in the following terms:

  • Children up to 11 years: 15.15 – 16.15 Tuesday, Thursday (1st-5th grade of primary school)
  • Children up to 15 years: 16.00 – 17.00 Tuesday, Thursday (6th-9th grade of primary school)

We offer a campaign, namely a 14-day free training for new members. This will make it easier for you to decide to join the club. Upon acquiring a new member, we offer our permanent members a free month of training.
Also this year, by agreement, we organize free transportation from nearby primary schools for a group of up to 11 years.

Those with a desire to become better athletes and compete will be welcomed in the badminton school selections. Parents are also invited, as we also organize exercise for adults in the evening. Check with the coaches for more information.

More information on tel .: 041-370-730 (Tadej) or 041-795-901 (Mišo) or by email: [email protected]